who am i

Hi, my name is Illiett Ojeda. Creator of Chasinbalance. Mastermind behind my life.

Part-time Dreamer and self-proclaimed DIY Connoisseur. Professionally I am a Teacher, Planner, Creative Director, and Speaker. I was chosen to be a Mother of two kids and a Wife to my best friend. My growth has taken me from a lost college Basketball player —to an eager teacher of children with disabilities — to a resilient student obtaining a Masters in Global Communications — to real-time hospitality contributor to Corporate America ( and of course, lots has happened and happening in between).

Why Chasinbalance

Chasinbalance is a lifestyle — a journey, actually “the journey”. It’s the transitional period of redefining yourself to the next version of YOU. It is the resource that will help guide your unique path - regardless of your pace or direction. Here you will find the ambition to seek new adventures, rediscover new talents, and grow with intention.

Within the platform your will find encouragement, growth and development of your mind and existence. Freedom to see yourself from new perspectives that allow your fears to take a back seat to your underlying purpose.

I cannot guarantee that the ride will be one full of grace and poise but what I can assure you is that the response to the waves will be one full of strength, balance, and a driven heart.